Live Cajiz Procession

Cajíz is a district of Vélez Málaga; it is a small urban centre of Arabic origin.

The Cajiz Procession Performance in April is a tradition. This popular and religious event is considered one of the oldest in Andalucía.
With a marked theatrical sense, it satisfied the dreams and hopes of keen believers without the need of images to parade. A choir gave life to characters wearing masks, while Easter sacred songs enhanced the most spiritual moments.

Nowadays, every year 36 scenes related to the Old and New Testament are performed outdoors at 11:30 in the morning on Holy Friday and Saturday. It is declared a Festival of Tourist Uniqueness in the province of Malaga.
Coinciding with Easter, the popular Cajiz Walk has also become a tradition. It is a live performance of Christ’s passion and is considered the oldest in Andalucía. The origin of the scripts date back to the XVI and XVII centuries when they were performed in the Town Churches atriums. Later, these scripts, genuine Cajiz heritage, came to be performed outdoors.

Cajiz Procession represents the moments of greater expressions related to life, death and the Resurrection of Jesus Christ.

Good Friday at 11:30 am
Holy Saturday at 11:30 am
Approximate duration 3 hours.

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