Velez Malaga was declared an area of handicraft interest in the December 17th 2012 Order.

Velez Malaga is declared an area of handicraft interest declared by the Tourist, Trade and Sports Ministry. There are a total of 14 craftsmen workshops of different trades with this distinctive feature.

Velez-Malaga, cradle of different civilizations, has forged generations of artisans who have passed on their legacy throughout the centuries. Potters, chair makers, tinsmiths, embroiderers, tanners, glaziers; trades that have recovered and passed on to future artisans work and techniques of the past in our Municipality


The art of clay in Velez-Malaga began in Phoenician times. It is Velez handcrafted pottery one of its greatest exponents with the manufacturing of bricks, tiles and mosaics. Velez monuments such as Beniel Palace, Cervantes house, Santa María la Mayor or the Alcazaba (citadel) are clear examples of this craft trade influence

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