Parties and events

Although the Velez Malaga municipality is a constant party because of its Andalucía heritage, on special occasions it is especially decorated to show even more its joy and deep religious feelings. This clearly happens with the emotional and moving Easter celebration (March-April) which is the third most important in Andalucía and also stands as the epitome of Velez Malaga traditions.

  • January: The Three Kings Parade in every locality. Velez Malaga Parade (January 5th) is of particular interest.
  • February: Fun, good humour, audacity and positivity grows and fills the municipality to welcome the popular carnivals, “chirigotas”, parades, costumes, and above all a zest for life where getting bored is impossible.
  • March or April: Holy Week in Velez Malaga
  • May: The day of the Cross when Crosses are exhibited in the streets. Trapiche Fair also takes place in May.
  • June: The Magical night of “San Juan” (23rd), with its traditional bonfires on the beach and Triana and Los Puertas Fairs.
  • July: “Veladilla del Carmen” is celebrated with impressive fireworks and a massive maritime precession accompanied by beautifully decorated boats. This festivity is also celebrated in most towns nearby.  At the end of July, Torre del Mar celebrates the festivity of its patrons, Santiago and Santa Ana.
  • August: Chilches and Lagos Fairs with popular “verbena” (open air dance) in el Real Bajo.
  • September: On the 29th, Velez explodes with joy and colour to celebrate the centennial San Miguel Royal Fair in honour of its patron where there will be horses, flamenco costumes, wine, singing and fun all night and day.
  •  October: Several “Romerías” (religious pilgrimage and party in the countryside) will bring back folklore and traditional customs.
  • December: The Party at the Ermita Alta (High Hermitage) in Almayate will be mixed with the Christmas and New Year’s celebrations that take place in front of the Town Halls.
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