Torre del Mar Virgen del Carmen sea and street procession

Torre del Mar is Velez Malaga municipality district on the Eastern Costa del Sol, between Velez Malaga and Rincon de la Victoria towns.
It offers a varied tourist offer with its beaches, restaurants, leisure sports, outdoors activities, hotels, hostels, etc.

One of the most important Festivities is the Santiago and Ana Fair which is held in late July; when Santa Ana’s day coincides with the Virgen del Carmen Procession.
This sea and street Procession of the Virgen del Carmen is declared a Festival of tourist uniqueness in the Province.
People from every corner of Spain come to see her; it is a highly revered image. She is sung to during her journey from San Andrés Church to the Promenade where she is embarked and sailed out to sea, ending with fireworks.
It was in 1988 when the Larios family gave the Holy Virgen del Carmen’s fist image to Torre del Mar town on the opening of the new Church.

Thereafter, this image became the centre of devotion of Torre del Mar residents and it began to be considered the sailors’ patron.
Since then, Torre del Mar and Virgen del Carmen became inseparable, there is no boat that goes to the sea where the crew has not commended itself to the Virgin or a boat that arrives at the port without the sailors giving thanks for their return to shore
This image was first taken ashore in bad weather to assist sailors in their safe return home, but with time it was agreed that once a year She should be carried in a procession through the town streets and to be embarked and tour our beaches later.
Many Torre del Mar residents still remember not being allowed to swim until after the Virgen del Carmen Procession

Collected verbal evidence dates the processions back to the early XX century and the first written evidence places it in 1967.
In 1981 Virgen del Carmen Brotherhood’s Statues were approved. The brotherhood’s efforts made possible the construction of the throne, banners and ship for the Procession.
Since then, the Brotherhood is responsible for making sure that every July 26th, Torre del Mar residents and visitors all enjoy the Virgin walk through Torre del Mar streets and the sea afterwards.

The Procession coincides with the Patron Festivities and the greatest concentration of tourists in our town, becoming the Act that gathers most people in Torre del Mar.

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