San Juan Bautista Church

The old Gothic Mudejar style Church was built on an ancient Medieval Mosque in 1487.
It was restored in the early XVI century. The temple was extended and an impressive bell tower was built between 1541 and 1564.
The structure has three aisles with eight sections of which the central nave is the highest and widest; they are separated by semicircular arches that rest on pillars with adjoining embedded pilasters.

The major restoration carried out in the middle of the XIX century, converted the interior and façades into those of a Neoclassical Church. This building work was promoted by Velez lawyer, Federico Vahey who was Isabel II’s Minister of Grace and Justice who ordered the building of the Funeral Chapel dedicated San Federico (Saint Frederick). It is known today as Cristo de los Vigías Chapel.

The Civil War prevented this temple from having important baroque sculptures. At the moment, religious figures that are regularly worshipped, come out at Easter processions, of which Our Lady of Dolores is worth mentioning, a religious figure from 1750.
There is a large wall painting by Velez painter Francisco Hernandez at the Main Altar Area; it shows a resurrected triumphant Jesus who is surrounded by four evangelists.

Address: Plaza de la Constitución, 1 (1 Constitution Square)
Opening hours: Tuesday to Friday (8:30 to 13:00 and 17:00 to 21:00)
Telephone inquiries: 952500538- 952558640

Source: E.M.C. Historical and Artistic Department. Heritage and Culture Council.

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