Parque Andalucía


Andalucía Park is located on one of the exit routes from the city centre; at the end of Canalejas Street starts Blas Infante Street from which you can enjoy this wooded setting.  This green area was originally a covered walk fashionable at the end of the XIX century or beginning of the XX century. It consisted of two or more parallel rows of tall trees that provided shade and where benches and lampposts were placed. Framed by trees there was also a compact sandy soil area for citizens to walk.
Nowadays the double alignment of the plane trees, the pedestrian promenade (now granite), the benches, the fountains, the playground and a health park for the elderly still remains. Of all the trees, four centennial ficus plants (Ficus macrophylia) of spectacular size stand out forming the South and North grand entrances nicely. It is estimated that they were planted in around 1.900 and are nowadays four of the botanical jewels in the municipality.
This park is a busy place all year around, in the summer because of the shade and in winter because of the sun shining through the leafless plane trees. It is common to find stalls or trade shows, as well as all kinds of events like plays and local dancing on a stage.

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