Monastery of Our Lady of Grace, "Las Claras"

Monasterio de Nuestra Señora de Gracia, “Las Claras”

It was originally founded in the old district of “La Villa” in the early XVI century but because of its small size and poor condition, the monastery was moved to the current location named “de la Concepción”. As the statute of our lady of Grace was ancient and was donated by the Catholic Monarchs, the convent’s name was changed to the name we know today. The current Monastery was built with a beautiful Mudejar style cloister in 1555.
The Church acquired a Baroque style after it was reformed in the XVIII century because of the famous 1884 Lisbon earthquake.

Location: Calle Felix Lomas or Las Monjas

Opening hours: Previous booking required at 650428221.

Telephone inquiries: 952558640

Source: E.M.C. Artistic and Historical Department.  Culture and Heritage Council

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